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ATOM nel 1963

 Founded in 1948...




Our History


Precision as a vocation

Our History begun in 1948 , when Ugo De Gasperis decided to apply his knowledge in the mechanical industrial field, experienced in several years, mainly as a technician in S.I.A.I. Marchetti.He started his activity with very few tools and scarse resources, opening a small factory in the family property located in Cureggio. In spite of his lack of resources, Mr De Gasperis had plenty of new ideas. The factory , called A.T.O.M., specialized in the production of metal combs for textiles and suspensions components for motorcycles (moto Guzzi was an important customer).


In the meantime, thanks to the Italian economical boom but also to a responsible management, the number of workers continued to increase and, in 1959, the young brother-in-law Luciano Baronti joined the Company. During this time A.T.O.M. started the production of measurement precision tools, in particular caliper measuring rulers, and in 1962 finished the relocation of the Company in larger premises: a new area conceived for better functionality and efficiency. As a proof of the successful research activity and the constant technology evolution, the Company developed and obtained some patents for the production of the calipers, which had been exported worldwide for many Years. In the years to come A.T.O.M. increasingly subcontracted to other Companies its own resources as well as its “know-how” in the metalwork industry. When, in 1972, Ugo De Gasperis retired and his brother-in-law Luciano Baronti with his wife Rosita took over the Company, the production of calipers was becoming less important in favor of several different manufacturing and precision machining services, such as milling, turning, welding, precise tolerance grinding, drilling, assembling, cutting and so on. Nowadays, ATOM has positioned itself to constantly meet ever increasing market demand with complete Customer satisfaction.

Today, the Company is managed by the three Baronti’s sons: Ugo, Giovanni and Antonio, who improved on skills, competition and knowledge in accordance with the technical evolution.









  The reactivity of a solid and reliable partner

In the current economic environment characterized by rapid change is necessary to maintain cutting-edge technologies and skills.

Past experience has enabled us to grow and provides a solid basis on which to build a present fact of the technological challenges and new markets.

The third generation of the family has renewed the fleet workshop, along with lathes and machining centers equipped with Numerical Control of the best quality, and maintain staff at the highest level of expertise.








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